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Dr Madelein J GrundlinghDr. Madelein J Grundlingh is a professionally qualified and experienced zoologist and conservation education specialist, former lecturer, biology teacher, researcher, scriptwriter, artist, graphic designer and producer of nature/environmental television programmes, as well as a passionate wildlife photographer and the founder of DJANI Wildlife Projects, a wildlife conservation initiative specialising in conservation education.
She believes that knowledge changes attitudes and that informed people are more inclined to be conservation conscious people - exactly what is needed if we want to preserve and conserve this absolutely perfect planet for all existing living creatures to survive and thrive in.

goal1 During the past three years dr. Grundlingh has reached and involved more than 120 000 pupils and teachers during her conservation programmes presented free of charge at schools. She is also directly involved in the "Go Green" projects at various secondary and primary schools. In addition, dr. Grundlingh has recently developed and written a learners textbook, interactive DVD, teachers' scheme of works and learner worksheets, all on Education for Sustainable Development. In 2010, during SANParks' prestigious annual award ceremony, Dr. Madelein J. Grundlingh has been awarded a KUDU Award for her contribution towards environmental education and capacity building. Recent achievements include amongst others, two new spectacular books on Africa's mammals, written and published by dr. Grundlingh.


AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species

A celebration of the animal kingdom, a celebration of the magic and wonder of all the magnificent creatures we share this planet with - a dedication to their special and intriguing lives that often go unnoticed by us, the one species capable of truly appreciating this magical biodiversity.