WEF Christmas Gift

Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows!

In order to fulfil our vision, mission and objectives, the WEF (a registered Non-Profit Organisation, no: 078-886 NPO) needs to raise the necessary funds - and we do that by either applying our professional skills and expertise (see our "Ways to Support") or specific fundraising projects such as the one below:


True to the WEF's objectives, the WEF works in collaboration with other wildlife/conservation organisations that promote and support wildlife education and conservation. This Christmas, the WEF partnered with the SA Wildlife Network and DJANI Wildlife Projects to sponsor and provide as many South African orphan kids with a wildlife gift for Christmas.

HOW IT WORKS (Option 1)

For every product YOU purchase for YOURSELF (you receive your purchase) from our WEF Online Store, we will sponsor and deliver a similar (same) product from our Store for a South African orphan child - simple and easy!


You may purchase any product from our WEF Online Store and instruct us (via "comment section" when ordering), to deliver the purchased product(s) on your behalf directly to one/more orphan kids this Christmas.

WEF Orphan Support Project

TREAT YOURSELF & we'll TREAT THEM on your behalf

This Christmas for every purchase from our Online Store we'll sponsor a similar gift to a South African orphan child.

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