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Mammal Decline
  1. Planet earth's natural ecosystems are presently being destroyed at a horrific rate - directly and indirectly by destructive human behaviour. The magnitude of this devastating human onslaught against the very planet that sustains us, is mind-blowing and can only be attributed to a HUGE lack of knowledge and compassion, and to a large extend due to the selfish, greedy and power-driven motivation and actions of one UNkind MANkind species!
  2. On homeground, South Africa's natural environment has, over the past 20 years, deteriorated nearly the fastest of most countries in the world, rankeding 128 out of the 132 countries measured ((EPI), with Iraq last on the list.
  3. During the past 80 years we have decreased the numbers of large mammals in Africa by between 80 and 96%;
  4. over-fished 20 of South Africa's key commercial marine fish species to a point where stocks have totally collapsed and are no longer viable;
  5. destroyed more than 55% of our wetlands & critically endangered 54% of our river systems
  6. degraded our arable land and soil to a point of being in dire and of the lowest quality in Africa;
  7. leaving South Africa with an ecological footprint higher than the global average and a ranking of 93 out of 146 countries with regard to our Environmental Sustainability Index;

Mining The deterioration of our environment means a decrease in living standards and the quality of life for all (e.g. extra carbon taxes, higher fuel & food prices, less available money to/from consumers, economic instability, etc.).

It took the human species millions of years to reach 1 billion in number (1804),
but merely another 208 years (2011) to reach 7 billion in numbers!!!

ONLY KNOWLEDGE can change human ATTITUDES & ACTIONS - and this is the ONLY logical and realistic LONG-TERM SOLUTION to CONSERVATION and the preservation of life on this beautiful planet - TODAY AND TOMORROW!!!

Just imagine the HUGE positive effect that 7 billion informed & KNOWLEDGEABLE human beings can have on the environment !!!

"It is in our moments of decision, that we shape not only our own destiny, but also that of our planet and the life it supports"
     - dr. Madelein J Grundlingh -



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